February 5, 2019


by: bob


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Tennessee Presenters Meeting Schedule

ArtsConversation is back! It’s now taking the form of two virtual conferences in early 2021 to provide time to learn, discuss, and work together to get the performing arts performing again in the southeast (and beyond).

We’d like to invite you to join us in 2021 for two virtual conferences, each featuring a fast-paced, information-filled hour of professional development; an hour and a half of time for agents, artists, and presenters to see potential future artists for our stages, and discuss live, virtual, or hybrid performance opportunities to get our stages open as quickly as possible; and an hour for presenters to discuss current start-up issues and potential bookings/routings.

Conference participation is open to all, registration is pay-as-you-are-able ($50, $75, or $100 per organization) and free if you are unable to pay anything. For more information, see our Meetings page on this website or contact Steve Krempasky (sfkrempasky@gmail.com or (865) 307-2486). Given the ever-changing nature of our business right now, we include the attached agendas for each conference, knowing that dates, times, and formats are subject to change as our business realities change.